Insiyabi Private Cloud

Unified Communications at your Fingertips


Insiyabi Private Cloud comes out of the box with advanced unified communications features such as as presence, fax & voicemail to email, web conferencing and instant messaging. Features that other PBX vendors charge extra for are free with Insiyabi Private Cloud, offering users an advanced feature rich unified communications solution at a fraction of the cost.

Home or Away? See colleagues Presence


With the presence feature users are able to see the status of their colleagues and the availability of both office and remote users, avoiding unnecessary calls or voicemail tags. Out of office or busy? Customize your presence status to prevent disturbances.

  • Avoid expensive voicemail calls
  • No more unnecessary call transfers
  • See presence directly from all clients (softphones and smartphones)

Fax & Voicemail to inbox


Fax messages are converted to PDFs and are forwarded via email to the user, without the need for additional fax server software. What’s more, you can also receive your voicemail in your email inbox, attached as a sound file.

  • Voicemail forwarded to your inbox
  • Listen to voicemails without making a call
  • Faxes converted to PDF file and sent via email

Collaborate via Instant Messaging / Chat


Tired of employees communicating with unprofessional third party messaging systems? Insiyabi Private Cloud unified communications features include a corporate chat feature which is available in all the clients, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, allowing you to receive messages anywhere you are.

  • No more third party messaging systems
  • Send text messages through a professional integrated messaging system
  • Use it on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or web-based client

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