Insiyabi Private Cloud

WebRTC-based Web Conferencing Included for FREE


Insiyabi Private Cloud includes an integrated web conferencing solution based on the WebRTC standard for free. With WebRTC no additional plugins or clients are required. Web conferences can be launched with a single click from the softphone or web client and remote participants just need to click on a single link to join, boosting productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Plugin Free Web Conferencing


Insiyabi Private Cloud uses Google’s WebRTC technology to enable video and voice communication through open-standards browsers. Clientless for remote participants, web conferences are initiated via the browser, enabling them to seamlessly use web conferencing without the need to download any additional plugins or downloads.

  • Clientless for remote participants
  • Initiate a web conference in a single click
  • VoIP and video Interoperability
  • Bandwidth Management and Control

Web Conferencing for All


With Insiyabi Private Cloud, companies of all sizes can now utilize web conferencing as a collaboration and online meeting tool. With Insiyabi Private Cloud there aren’t any per-user fees; it’s included in the Free PBX and based on the PBX edition the number of participants varies.

  • No per user fees – pricing based on participants
  • Unlimited users regardless of package
  • No hidden monthly costs
  • Free integrated web conferencing

Advanced Feature Set


Integrated web conferencing features ensures ultimate collaboration and benefits employees’ productivity while at the same time catering to seamless business communications in the workplace. It all comes down to participants being able to join a web conference from wherever they are using their browser or smartphone.

  • Integrated Whiteboard
  • Remote support and assistance with the remote control option
  • Easily share documents, PowerPoint or PDFs
  • Straightforward polling tool for efficient feedback

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